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I always know it's time to update when I start receiving messages asking if I'm still alive :). In my defense, I have been on holiday recently (to the Shetlands, which were OMG so beautiful, and through some miracle we had sunshine every day), and was without internet access.

I am currently busy:

1. Applying for another job, as a customer service assistant at Glasgow Concert Hall.

2. Looking for a new flatmate, since my current one is moving out next month.

3. Working overtime on my dissertation, which is way behind schedule.

I'm also very excited because I have tickets to see Arsenal play Celtic tonight! I can't remember how long its been since I last saw Arsenal play. I'm going with a Rangers fan, who'll be cheering on Arsenal simply because she hates Celtic.

I also saw Falkirk play Rangers, and thought we did much better than the scoreline suggested. For big patches we were the better team, it's just that every time they were the better team they scored a goal. Which is probably why they're fighting for the title and we're hoping not to be relegated.

And I just read that 120,000 people are going to be travelling in Glasgow, for the game and the U2 concert. I don't mind leaving really early going there, but getting back is going to be a nightmare.
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