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I realise there are many good causes, all asking for your money, but please do read this. Steve Perry, a comic book artist and one of the writers of Thundercats, is terribly sick and in serious need of help. I know that many on my flist consider themselves geeks and comic books fans - so help a fellow out?

From [ profile] logophilos, since she says it better than me:

I got a lovely thank you note from Steve Perry, but the contents break my heart:

I want you to know I am so very grateful to you for being so kind, generous and wonderful — my own fate is pretty iffy and I care most about my five year old. He has been with me 24/7 all his life, and even more so since his mother left a year ago because she could not deal with the discovery that I had cancer. Now that it has returned, the future is pretty raw, and while Leo and I face homelessness again, your kindness will be forever appreciated. Thank you so very, very much.

He also says he’s still trying to get his electricity back on. In case it wasn’t clear from my last post, Steve is dying of bladder cancer. And on top of that, he has no home and is trying to look after a young child. No one should have to go through all this in the last months of their life. So, again, I’m asking you to send a donation, however small, to his PayPal account (sandramaples48 @ Some of you boosted the signal on this, and a lot of you went ‘eh, nothing to do with me’. Which is sad, really, because anyone can end up with cancer, and anyone could end up homeless too.

Well, if I can’t incentivise you any other way, I will give a free copy of any of my ebooks – self-published or not, including the one which I can’t officially give you – to anyone who sends me a receipt for their Paypal donation of at least $10 to Steve. Redact your real name, but I want to see proof. Forward it to me at and tell me the book you want.

Feel free to repost this message.

Please spare this poor guy the price of a fancy cup of coffee or a cheap DVD, will you? For humanity’s sake?

ETA: In case people are wondering if the paypal address above is legit – I had the reply from Steve at a separate address, containing documents and stories and further information which make it completely clear he’s the real deal, and money sent to that address, which he assures me only he has access to, will reach him. So please give in confidence.

The response just this morning has been lovely. Keep it up!


She writes very good books that I highly recommend, in case that tempts you further. Please give something, however little.


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