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I'm not one of those people who believes that the only important thing is that everyone vote. In fact, if you're feeling like voting Conservative I'd honestly prefer that you stay home and put your feet up.

The Tories have a long history of homophobia, racism and sexism. Whatever promises they're currently making on gay rights, please remember that over 70 of their policies were apparently written by a woman who believes that homosexuality is caused by demons and can be cured through prayer. Oh, and that a woman's role is to joyfully submit to her husband. The majority of what Labour's done which I most disagree with - the war in Iraq, renewing Trident, the anti-terror laws - the Tories have backed. And their idea of a cap on immigration is both stupid and unworkable.

I have many problems with Labour. I do appreciate much of what they've done - gay rights, devolution, Sure Start centres, a better NHS (and yes, it is better now than in 1997. Just ask anyone who works in it.). I like their ideas on voting reform. My job brings me into lots of contact with people on or below the poverty line, and I have no doubt that if the last 13 years had been Tory, not Labour, they would be far worse off. But against that is the war, Trident, etc.

I'm not convinced by the Lib Dems. The 'Clegg bounce' hasn't (according to polls) had much of an impact in Scotland, and I can't help but think it's because we've had experience of them in government. And they weren't terrible, but there was nothing very new or shiny either. Also, their party is extremely white/male/straight. Not that there's anything wrong with white straight men, but given that they're supposedly the party of change, they look very similar to what we've always had. Finally, during this campaign they've sent me 23 leaflets. I would like to point out that a) if the 20th didn't convince me, the 21st isn't going to work any magic, and b) you're supposed to care about the enviroment, so stop sending piles of junk mail.

In all other elections but general elections I vote SNP. I agree with (almost) all of their polices, I like the leadership, I think they've done a good job in Holyrood. David Cameron seems to have spent much of the last few days whining about the possibility of a hung parliament - the SNP have spent the last three years with a majority of 1 seat, and still gotten a fair bit done. But. They're not going to win. There's a tiny chance of them taking my seat from Labour - which could then contribute to the Tories getting in.

So, in the end, I think I'm going to be voting against the Tories. That depresses me, and the only bright spot is the prospect of electoral reform. Please may the next election be a little fairer.
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