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So. David Cameron is now Prime Minister, and the next five years (although I pray it won't last that long) are looking increasingly depressing.

One thing I do have to comment on is Theresa May as Home Secretary. She'll also be Minister for Women and Equality in her spare time, because obviously being the Minister for Women and Equality isn't a big or important job at all.

Her voting record on equality issues? She voted for reducing the abortion limit, against repealing Section 28, against allowing gay couples to adopt, against allowing lesbians IVF, and against equalising the age of consent.

Also in the cabinet in Iain Duncan Smith (Work and Pensions), who believes marriage is the cure to poverty; George Osbourne (Chancellor), a multi-millionaire who likes the idea of a flat tax rate and once attempted to insult Gordon Brown by calling him 'autistic'; Andrew Lansley (Health), who seems to believe that obesity is infectious; and Liam Fox (Defence), an enthusiastic supporter of the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq who also wants to reduce the abortion limit to 12 weeks and supports 'traditional families'.

Doesn't the future sound fun?

Another interesting fact: 54% of Tory MPs and 40% of Lib Dem MPs attended a feepaying school (compared to 15% of Labour).

ETA: The Guardian has pointed out that two years ago, Cameron pledged to give a third of jobs in his first cabinet to women. But in the actual event, only 4 of his 23-strong cabinet are women, and one of those is the unelected Minister with Portfolio, Warsi. She's also (I think) the only non-white member of cabinet.
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