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I realise everyone's probably bored of hearing about Torchwood Day 4, but I've been talking about this in various places and just getting more and more frustrated, with the result that this is now much longer than I meant.

Why I am pissed off: containing big spoilers for Day 4 and minor spoilers for Day 5 )
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Everytime I post recently it seems to be a rant about something GLBT-related. Still, it's better than talking about the football (For those not paying attention to the SPL, Falkirk are bottom and headed for relegation. I can't even write *cries* because it just feels to serious for that.)

Anyway. What I'm angry about this time:

Amazon have decided that their customers need protecting from 'adult' books. Except by 'adult' they don't mean porn. Collections of Playboy centrefolds, for example, are absolutely fine. By 'adult', what they mean is GLBT. Books relating to gays, lebsians, and transexuals are all having their sales ranks removed, and are thus being removed from the best-selling lists, becoming harder to find, and much less visible.

These dangerous books that we need protecting from include:

Young adult books such as Alex Sanchez's Rainbow High series.
Academic books such as The Dictionary of Homophobia.
History books such as Strangers: Homosexuality in the Nineteenth Century.
Autobiographies such as John Barrowman's Anything Goes.
Lesbian fiction such as Gerri Hill's The Rainbow Cedar.
Gay fiction such as Annie Proulx's Brokeback Mountain.
Parenting books such as The Ultimate Guide to Pregnancy for Lesbians.
Children's books such as Heather Has Two Mommies.
Classics such as Mary Renault's The Charioteer.

Seriously. All those books, Amazon feels are adult books that must be kept hidden, and away from the best-seller lists.

Full list of books here, 'explanation' from Amazon here, link round-up here. Follow on Twitter here.

You can contact Amazon via your Amazon account (go to help and then contact), if you wish to do so.
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My local bus shelter is now covered in posters for Lesbian Vampire Killers, a film in which the male actors from Gavin & Stacy discover a village where all the women have been enslaved by lesbian vampires. The 'Killers' part of the title clues you in to what comes next.

To quote Feminist SF, "in the space of a minute or two, I was reminded that to most of the straight people in this auditorium, I’m just a target. Not a real person. A straight man with an axe planning to kill lesbians is kinda funny, isn’t he? All jolly good fun.

I want this film to bomb and die at the box office. I want it more than I can tell you. I want it to be a massive, multi-million loss. I want the makers to quit. I can’t avoid the damn posters, I can’t avoid the damn trailer: but I can at least want never to see a sequel in the trailers, on the posters, on the Internet, in the film reviews."

Meanwhile, in South Africa lesbians are being gang-raped, beaten and brutally murdered in an attempt to 'cure' them, a lesbian in San Francisco was recently gang-raped and beaten for the crime of not being straight, lesbians in Iraq face torture and murder, while the Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani has issued a fatwa calling for their 'punishment', and homosexuality still carries a death sentence in Iran, Saudi Arabia, Nigeria, Sudan, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, and Mauritania. Lesbians are being murdered, attacked and raped for no other reason than that they're different, and dare - shock horror! - to not want to sleep with men.

Films about killing lesbians? Not funny.


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