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I haven't posted about this before because I'm emotional and angry over it. I thought those feelings would have calmed down, but they haven't. And I need to say this.

First, the facts: Taylor's challenge broke Eduardo's leg. It pretty much snapped it in half. The foot dislocated and the skin was broken. Because of that tackle - because of Taylor - Eduardo could have lost not only his career, but his foot.

That's not going to happen. We have a good medical team who acted quickly. He's not going to have an amputation. But he's going to be missing the rest of the season, the Euros, and most of next season, assuming he comes back at all. His career could still be over. When he was a teenager, he left his home in Brazil and travelled to Croatia where he slept in a stadium because he wanted to be a footballer so badly. His dream, his job, all he's ever wanted - he could just have lost.

But what have people/the media focused on?

Wenger's comments. The reaction of the Arsenal team. And when not criticising those, they've made excuses for Taylor.

He didn't mean to do it. He's not a bad person. It was an accident. It shouldn't even have been a yellow card. He didn't make that much contact. Alex McLeish - a man I used to respect hugely - suggested it was actually caused by Eduardo's studs being caught in the turf. Stephen Kelly said he thought the red card was harsh. Presumably only mowing down the opposing team with machine gun fire should be worthy of a red.

Well, sorry. If you drove carelessly and accidently ran someone over and left then with an injury as severe as this, you would end up in prison. Yes, Taylor should be harshly punished. He could have just ended Eduardo's career. I don't care if he now 'feels bad'. How does he think Eduardo feels? And maybe it would help to avoid these types of injuries in future: it was only two seasons ago Diaby was out for a year after a 'careless' tackle broke and dislocated his ankle. His career could have ended then. Last season had its share as well, worst being Cech's head injury. Are we going to have to wait for a player to be killed before people start to realise that 'careless' tackles, intended or not, are unacceptable? When carelessness can result in injuries as serious as this - in injuries that are life-threatening, in the case of Petr Cech - it needs to carry serious consequences.

And now Sebastian Larsson has come out and claimed that the reason Wenger was upset is because he's a bad loser and called his comments 'idiotic and childish'. Apparently Arsenal were in a bad mood all game, which shows bad sportsmanship.

What is wrong with this game and its followers, that these comments seem to be common opinion? That its okay that a man's career could have been ended, that the problem is in fact the way his manager and teammates were emotional afterwards, something Wenger later apologised for. Wenger was wrong to say that Taylor should be banned for life, as he later acknowledged. But he was speaking in the heat of the moment. The backlash that followed made him out to be the bad guy here - not Taylor, who could just have ended Eduardo's career. But Wenger, who was emotional after seeing one of his players recieve an injury that could have ended in amputation.

It makes me sick.
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Continuing my non-laziness, here are 14 Wenger quote icons. Because we have the best manager. And also because the more I think about it, the more excited I get about the coming season, which is a massive change from last summer when I just felt a bit like I didn't care.


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In which I experiment with layers of colours.

3 of Alex Hleb
3 of Cesc Fabregas
1 of Gael Clichy
5 of Jens Lehmann
1 of Phil Senderos
2 of Thierry Henry
2 of Tomas Rosicky


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