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The 1848 revolutions have killed my brain. WAS THERE ANY POINT TO THEM? NO.

They did it because they hate me.

So, I was talking to someone (and she knows who she is) and we ended up coming up with a massive list of 'five things'. Longer than this. Waaay longer.

Conner/Ethan, Conner/Trent, Jack/Sky, Syd/Z, Bridge, Nick/Xander.

Five Times Sky kissed Jack )
Five Ways Bridge tried to teach the rest of the team his special battle sign-language. )
Five Things Jack misses now he’s left SPD )
Five Things Z secretly adores about Syd )
Five Things Syd wants to ask Z )
Five Places Conner wants to take Ethan )
Five Reasons Trent can’t help but love Conner )
Five Things that have caused Nick to question his sexuality )

Any requests for more? (Though I reserve the right to refuse anyone asking for Alpha 5/RIC. Because I don't do robotsex. Especially not robotsex involving bestiality.)
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3 Conner
2 Conner/Kira
7 Conner/Trent
5 General


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Please comment and credit!

These are all my PRDT ones so far. I've also got a few SPD, PRNS and PRIS, but as the PRIS ones have been entered in a contest I have to wait to post them. Hopefully not more than a few more days, though.
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Title: Prom Night
Character: Conner McKnight
Fandom: PRDT
A/N: For the [ profile] au100 challenge, prompt 77: paralysis.

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Fic post

May. 31st, 2006 11:37 am
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A listing of (almost) all my fic. Some may be posted at first. Any explicit fics I'll put a warning on, but many of these contain content not suitable for kids, and many contain slash. You have been warned.

au100 - Conner McKnight )

fanfic100 - Emperor Series by Conn Iggluden )

prsw22 - Jack/Sky )

Nigel Tranter )

Hustle )

Pagan's Crusade )


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