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The pain is from something called Tietze Syndrome. Essentially it means I've injured the muscles connecting my ribs to my breastbone, which leaves me in extreme pain whenever I lie down/stand up/stay still/move/breathe. So, all the time, in other words. Thankfully the doctor was confident it should heal on its own.

I've sat two of my exams! The First Scottish War of Independence and Popular Rebellions in Medieval Europe, which both went better than I thought they would. Only four more to go.

And, I don't often talk about them, but I need to ramble about Falkirk for a bit. We've been bottom of the table for too long now, but resigning myself to relegation is just impossible. I know every team going down probably thinks this, but we're too good. We're in the Scottish Cup final, which means that next season we're going to be playing in Europe for the first time ever, and I should be feeling so excited about that. But it looks like we're headed down, and when I think about the troubles we had getting promoted (we kept being ruled out on technical rules that didn't seem to apply to any other club in the league) it makes me want to cry. Relegation would be disaster in so many ways.

But. We won our last game, even though we only had ten men and it had its dodgy moments. My love for Tam Scobbie grows every game. If we win against Kilmarnock next game we'll be off the bottom of the table and out of the relegation zone for the first time in ages. So I'm praying.

Also, I now also have a Dreamwidth account. Same username. Although I don't know how much I'll be using it, I thought it might be a good idea in case this 'fandom migration' actually happens.


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