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I wish I could say something important and essential has been keeping me from updating, but actually it's just that my brother gave me the season 1 dvd boxset of House and I'm now completely obsessed. Since Christmas day I have watched every single episode and read a ridiculous amount of fic. Otherwise I would have come and wished people a happy Christmas and New Year. Sorry.

Anyway, I recieved two excellent fics for Yuletide. Pagan's Vision by Elena/[ profile] vassilissa, a Pagan's Crusade fanfic which I absolutely adore, and Wings of Desire by Raven/[ profile] loneraven, a short and sweet Merlin fic which made me laugh out loud.

I wrote a Merlin fic, which I wasn't at all sure about but has turned out very popular! (30 comments so far!) So that's a relief. And since I know there are a few Merlin fans on my flist, and because I like to keep all my fic in one place, it's posted below.

Title: Merlin, Arthur and Sir Damas
Rating: PG
Characters: Merlin, Arthur
Disclaimer: None of them belong to me - not even Sir Damas and Sir Accolon, both of whom originate in Arthurian legend.
Summary: "Actually, we just meant to kidnap Prince Arthur. I've got no idea what you're doing here.”
A/N: Written for [ profile] ankaret. It's a heavily adapted version of a story I found in Roger Lancelyn Green's 'King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table'.

It wasn't the worst dungeon imaginable. )

Fic post

May. 31st, 2006 11:37 am
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A listing of (almost) all my fic. Some may be posted at first. Any explicit fics I'll put a warning on, but many of these contain content not suitable for kids, and many contain slash. You have been warned.

au100 - Conner McKnight )

fanfic100 - Emperor Series by Conn Iggluden )

prsw22 - Jack/Sky )

Nigel Tranter )

Hustle )

Pagan's Crusade )


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