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Though I suppose I'm a bit late. 15 minutes late, which is probably quite fashionable, isn't it?

I don't like this fic much. Have been writing and re-writing for ages and it's still rubbish. WHY? But I need to start work on my yuletide fic and I can't with this hanging over my head.

Also? I don't talk about them much because I know there aren't any other Bairns on my flist, but send some good thoughts Falkirk's way this weekend. We've fallen to second bottom, when we were all hoping that we might end up in the top half of the table. There's no danger of relegation, because let's face it, Gretna are going down, Falkirk!

Do better. Please. Cannot even care that much about Arsenal losing their first game of the season when you're down there.

Now, fic.

Title: Homecoming
Rating: Adult
Pairing: Pagan/Roland
Summary: A year older and wiser, Pagan returns to St. Martin's Abbey.
Babbling: This started out as two different fics, both of which I was trying to write first person and in the style of Catherine Jinks. It's now one fic, third person, and not really in her style at all. But this is the first time I've ever written Pagan-slash, so, hopefully next time will be an improvement!

David loved Jonathan. )

Fic post

May. 31st, 2006 11:37 am
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A listing of (almost) all my fic. Some may be posted at first. Any explicit fics I'll put a warning on, but many of these contain content not suitable for kids, and many contain slash. You have been warned.

au100 - Conner McKnight )

fanfic100 - Emperor Series by Conn Iggluden )

prsw22 - Jack/Sky )

Nigel Tranter )

Hustle )

Pagan's Crusade )


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