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1. I suppose it was karma or something. We've scored twelve past them this season, so I suppose it was their turn. And I can't even hate Peter Crouch because I really quite like him - opposing fans used to chant 'freak' at him because of his height, and when I read that I just felt so bad for him. He also just seems so nice.

2. Sometimes player communities drive me mad. Just because, I am an Arsenal fan, and have been for a long time. Players come and go. For me, the team is most important. But some people are just fans of one particular player, and there's nothing wrong with that, but it does mean that after a loss when they're upset about the rest of the team not helping to make their particular player look good...yeah, drives me mad.

3. Falkirk! Whee!

4. I'm trying to find the energy to watch the third episode of PROO. Does anything madly exciting that I really can't miss happen in it? Because otherwise I can't be bothered.

5. Scotland. I love you, even if you lost. It was to Italy. I still have faith.

Title: Rock Climbing
Pairing: Sky/Jack
Rating: PG
Notes: For prsw22 challenge 'rock'. Entirely silly, and hopefully not something I've posted before because it's ages ago I wrote it.

Hey, Sky! Watch this! )
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1. Someone should have really told me that second year involved this much more work then first year. And if they'd pointed out that I need a B average to go onto honours, that would've been nice as well, because exams are in May and I'm starting to freak already.

2. I've watched the first two episodes of PROO...not impressed. It's the characters. For NS, DT and SPD I fell in love with one or more characters almost immediately. MS, that didn't happen, and I ended up only watching about 9 episodes. I can see the same happening with OO. The only one I mildly like so far is Rose and possible Will. Others annoy me.

3. Arsenal. You make me so depressed. Losing in all three cup competitions in 11 days is not good. But I'm still hopeful for second. Every season, I swear I won't get this caught up...always do.

4. Falkirk. You were doing so well. You have now lost eight matches in a row. That is even more depressing than Arsenal, which takes some doing.

Title: Three Weeks
Pairing: Jack/Sky
Rating: 18
Warning: See the rating. Fairly explicit sex.
A/N: For [ profile] prsw22 'animals' prompt.

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Title: Change
Pairing: Jack/Sky
Rating: PG
A/N: In which I turn the prompt 'laughter' into something depressing.

Laughter. It seemed all he could hear. )
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Title: Wronged
Relationship: Jack/Sky (also Jack/Ally)
Rating: 15
A/N: Sequel to Loss (I blame [ profile] scifislasher). I'm not really happy with this. It's longer than most of my other fics, probably longer than it should be. Or not long enough. But I'm sick of re-writing it, so here it is.

A bar of orange light lit the room... )

List of 22: Fire.
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Title: Photograph
Relationship: Jack/Sky
Rating: PG
A/N: Yay! PRSW7 complete. Just 15 more to go...

Jack lay on Sky's bed, too used to being ignored to seek attention. )

List of 22: Photograph.
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Title: Loss
Relationship: Jack/Sky
Rating: 15
Warning: Bad language. Angst.

I've met this girl... )

List of 22: Loss
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Title: Commitment
Relationship: Jack/Sky
Rating: PG
A/N: Okay, so it's been ages since I posted one of these...I'm sorry! But I now have two more written after this, which should be posted soon (if they're not, nag me or something). Hope you enjoy.

On the streets, nobody did commitment. )

List of 22: #4 Commitment
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Title: Hallways
Author: Anita
Relationship: Jack/Sky
Rating: 15
Warning: Boys kissing and saying bad words.

A cadet ran up to him in the hallway )

List of 22: 9 - hallways.
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Title: Obsessive
Relationship: Jack/Sky
Fandom: PR:SPD
Rating: 15
Warning: Boys kissing.

It wasn't that he minded Jack being in his room... )

List of 22: Obsessive.

By the way, is anyone else having problems with For the last week it's given me an error message when I've tried to upload anything. Hopefully it'll sort itself out soon.
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Title: Watermelon
Fandom: PR:SPD
Pairing: Jack/Sky
Rating: 15
Summary: Written for the [ profile] prsw22 challenge. Sequel to Kissing in the Rain. Sky tries to eat a watermelon.

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Feedback makes me as happy.

Fic post

May. 31st, 2006 11:37 am
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A listing of (almost) all my fic. Some may be posted at first. Any explicit fics I'll put a warning on, but many of these contain content not suitable for kids, and many contain slash. You have been warned.

au100 - Conner McKnight )

fanfic100 - Emperor Series by Conn Iggluden )

prsw22 - Jack/Sky )

Nigel Tranter )

Hustle )

Pagan's Crusade )
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Fandom: Power Rangers SPD
Rating: PG-13
Summary: Jack and Sky go on a stakeout in the rain.
A/N: Written for the prsw22 challenge. List of 22: kissing in the rain.

Kissing in the Rain )

Feedback is adored and read over and over again.

I've also been making quite a few PR icons. A few Jack/Sky, some Conner/Trent, some just Conner, and some PRIS for the [ profile] pr_icontest. I'll post them when I've got a decent number.


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