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I wish I could say something important and essential has been keeping me from updating, but actually it's just that my brother gave me the season 1 dvd boxset of House and I'm now completely obsessed. Since Christmas day I have watched every single episode and read a ridiculous amount of fic. Otherwise I would have come and wished people a happy Christmas and New Year. Sorry.

Anyway, I recieved two excellent fics for Yuletide. Pagan's Vision by Elena/[ profile] vassilissa, a Pagan's Crusade fanfic which I absolutely adore, and Wings of Desire by Raven/[ profile] loneraven, a short and sweet Merlin fic which made me laugh out loud.

I wrote a Merlin fic, which I wasn't at all sure about but has turned out very popular! (30 comments so far!) So that's a relief. And since I know there are a few Merlin fans on my flist, and because I like to keep all my fic in one place, it's posted below.

Title: Merlin, Arthur and Sir Damas
Rating: PG
Characters: Merlin, Arthur
Disclaimer: None of them belong to me - not even Sir Damas and Sir Accolon, both of whom originate in Arthurian legend.
Summary: "Actually, we just meant to kidnap Prince Arthur. I've got no idea what you're doing here.”
A/N: Written for [ profile] ankaret. It's a heavily adapted version of a story I found in Roger Lancelyn Green's 'King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table'.

It wasn't the worst dungeon imaginable. )
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First note: if you receive an e-mail with 'anitabuchan at' in the from field, it's spam. Don't open it. E-mails from me will say something like 'Anita Buchan' (or just 'Anita') in the from field. I don't know why/how/who etc, but people in my address book have been receiving spam e-mails from my address.

Second: Yay Arsenal! *hugs baby!Gunners*

Third: YULETIDE HAS BEGUN! Yay! My first reaction, as always, is to wonder how on earth I'm going to write a fic about that. But then I get all excited and remember how much I love Yuletide. And I'm happy, as for the last two years I've written Hustle, and this year I've got a new fandom.

Anyway. Dear Yuletide Santa... )
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I'm trying to distract myself from the transfer window 'cause there are rumours Pedro Moutinho could be making a last minute switch to Hearts :(.

I'm also quite excited because there is the possibility of me spending this summer in Estonia! And yeah, I don't really know anything about Estonia, but I've been doing a course called 'Central and Eastern European Studies', and if I write a good essay on Estonia then I might get a place. The best part? It's all FREE! I would only have to pay for my flight. And then attend Estonian language lessons while there, but, whatever.

My flatmate said that them being so desperate to get people to visit that they're giving out free trips is not a good sign. Does anyone know anything about Estonia? Mart Poom was from Estonia. I just want to go somewhere different.

Anyway, my yuletide 2007 fic which I've been meaning to post for ages.

Title: Past and Future
Fandom: Hustle
Rating: R
Words: 4600
Summary: A man from Danny's past returns to drag up memories he'd rather forget.
Written for: mooyoo

Read more... )

Title: Homecoming
Fandom: Hustle
Rating: NC-17
Words: 2600
Summary: Mickey has returned from Australia. Mickey/Danny.
Written for: halotolerant

(Read more...)
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Letter to my Yuletide Santa... )

ETA: I thought I'd have internet access over Christmas, but it turns out not. I'm not sure when I'll be back, but probably around the 27th/28th. I will definitely be back by New Year. So I apologise for not being able to read and review as soon as the archive opens!
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Meant to do this before now, but have been too busy. Never mind. These are all wonderful fics I've found on Yuletide, that you should definitely read, even if it's not normally your fandom. I have to start with the two (aren't I lucky?) that were written for me, and both left me completely over-excited at their goodness.

Ruffled Feathers by Karrenia. Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Centred on Will, which is brilliant because I love him, and his relationship with Robin. It's not slashy, but instead could be entirely canon. How Will comes to accept Robin as a leader.

All These Things That I've Done by Katie. Ocean's 11. How Danny and Rusty met Basher. Perfect, with a con and little touches of humour and dialogue so good it could have been in the movie.

Not written for me, but definitely recommended:

Landed (With Strings) by Mosca. Ice Princess. Very sweet femslash. Just generally lovely. And I think Casey is perfect in it, though it's not from her point of view.

Knowing by H. C. Frost. Mary Renault's Fire From Heaven. Alexander/Hephaistion. I think this is a wonderful take on their relationship, and especially Hephaistion. He's a character that I think is very difficult to write, but I loved him in this.

Poetic Unreason by Ishafel. Pat Barker's Regeneration series. At first I was very doubtful at the idea of Rivers/Sassoon, but this won me over with the quality of the writing the the characterisation. A few sentences in this just hit the 'perfect' button.

Learning by Ara. Sky High, Will/Warren. Warren is perfect in this, exactly as I see him. And it made me laugh, which is never bad.

Coming Up From Behind by hkath. Ocean's 11, Danny/Rusty with Tess as well. A little angsty (especially the end) and so well written.

Out of the Chicago Loop by Jetpack Monkey. More Ocean's 11. Brilliant dialogue, a con, cold Rusty, and a completely sweet ending.
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Title: Against A Wall
Rating: 12
Fandom: Hustle
Pairing: Mickey/Danny
Notes: Written for [ profile] jargonelle for yuletide 2006. So I should thank her for the prompt :).

Ah! Here he is, the man I was telling you about. )


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