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I realise everyone's probably bored of hearing about Torchwood Day 4, but I've been talking about this in various places and just getting more and more frustrated, with the result that this is now much longer than I meant.

First off all, I think it's just lazy writing. In real life, death is often meaningless and random. But Torchwood isn't real life. Torchwood is fiction, and in fiction events such as death should have meaning and do something to drive the plot forwards. But I'm not entirely sure what meaning Ianto's death had. Were they just trying to heap more grief on Jack? I don't think so - there's enough grief being piled on already, and reducing Ianto's character to a plot device is lazy.

Just trying to shock us? Again, lazy - killing off a character is normally an easy way to shock your audience, yes, but another way to do that is putting in a little more effort and coming up with a genuinely shocking storyline (and, IMO, I think the CoE storyline was dramatic enough with Ianto's death). Besides, Torchwood has a track record of killing off major characters, right from the first episode. It's less shocking, more repetitive.

But that's not the main reason I'm pissed.

Jack and Ianto had a bit of a relationship break-through in Day 4. Jack was starting to open up to Ianto. It seemed like their relationship was going places. Throughout CoE, we saw them teasing each other, working together, flirting, hugging and kissing. Sure, there were moments of tension, but they were in a relationship together.

But Daily Mail readers can calm down. Because one half of the gay couple is dead, and the other half is going to commit a crime that, although necessary to save the world, is utterly horrific, and the grief is going to almost destroy him.

Meanwhile, the happy heterosexual couple is going to have a baby! Isn't that nice?

The show started out with five main characters: a white pansexual man, two white bisexual men (I know Owen's bi-ness is debated, but he was happy enough to sleep with another man in ep 1), a Japanese heterosexual woman who once slept with another woman, and a white hetero woman.

Which is pretty great.

But by the end of CoE, the only one of them remaining will be the white heterosexual woman. I'm sure that Jack will be back for season 4. I'm also sure he'll be miserable and self-hating and far from happy.

I'm pissed because I thought Torchwood was supposed to be different. I thought it was going to be different from Buffy, where one lesbian was murdered and the other went evil. I didn't think it would be like House, where the bi girl slept with women while in her crazy destructive stage, only to settle down with a man when she got her life back together. I was sure it wouldn't be like Battlestar Galactica, where the lesbian discovered her lover was a Cylon and ordered her tortured and raped, and the gay man lost his leg, staged a mutiny, and was executed by a firing squad.

I thought Torchwood might be a show where we could see a gay couple being portrayed as normal. They could fight together against aliens and fairies and the odd cannibal. That was the show I wanted to watch.

This Torchwood? I'm not so bothered.
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