Apr. 7th, 2010

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Well, at least we got beaten by the best team in the world. And how good is it, having four different nations in the CL semi-finals?

Two days of election coverage and I'm already bored. I can also already tell you that on May 6th my MP will be Ann McKechin (Lab). I know electoral reform isn't the sexiest of issues, but it's worth pointing out that almost 400 seats are safe and won't be changing hands - that's 25 million people whose votes won't count.

I know it's Austism Awareness month right now, although I'm not sure if it's a worldwide thing or just American, but I'm kind of ignoring it. I don't really think we need more scaremongering or tragic stories from parents about their autie kids, and my optimism of anything better happening was kind of soured when CafePress announced they would be donating 10% of proceeds from all 'autism' tagged products to Autism Speaks this month. Because that's how to help ASD people - donating money to an organisation which hates us, thinks it's understandable to want to kill us, and claims we have no souls.


In other news, I have started rewatching The West Wing, and now remember how completely awesome C.J is.


anitabuchan: yellow shoes (Default)

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